Purgatory Road, 2010-2015

Purgatory Road chronicles my experimentation with the photographic medium while exploring the fragility of the natural world. The project takes its title from an actual place where I live in the summer months – a wooded region divided by a dirt-covered path. Local legends and folklore surround this road, where the land on one side slopes down into a cavernous area that is ominous and dark while a lush, peaceful green forest grows on the opposite side. Rooted in my concern for the environment, these images serve as metaphors for the concept of purgatory as an in-between state; a place where visual and conceptual polarities intersect and become blurry. 

Lately, it feels like we are living in a time of constant uncertainty. The photographs in this series are meant to function as gentle reminders about life’s Impermanence and the ability to find hope in the dark unknown.

*Images shot on 120mm film and printed as archival pigment prints. Sizes range from 12x12”- 24x24”. To see more from this series, please contact artist directly.