40 Days After the Storm, 2017-2018

40 Days After the Storm , installation view, Brauer Museum of Art, 2018

40 Days After the Storm, installation view, Brauer Museum of Art, 2018

40 Days After the Storm is a gridded installation that chronicles the days following Hurricane Harvey. Daily samples from the flood site (debris from homes, dead insects, fallen branches, even a lizard that drowned) were placed inside homemade pinhole cameras and left in my yard for 40 days – one specimen a day, one camera at a time.  During the extended exposure, the path of the rising and setting sun combined with watermarks from the rain become layered with shadowy objects that appear to be floating in space. Here, the microscopic world of an insect becomes entwined with the larger universe in the sky. Each specimen represents a small moment or story that points to loss, survival, or recovery. Collectively, these seemingly insignificant objects become part of a bigger picture — a reference to how the ordinary day-to-day can be shaped by an epic event such as a flood or natural disaster. In this project, I set out to explore how nature impacts our lives (in ways that are both obvious and more mysterious), and call attention to issues surrounding the changing climate.

Field notes are an integral part of this installation which are written directly on the wall in pencil. The notes record each specimen and various events that occurred during the course of the project - two more hurricanes, earthquakes in Mexico, birthdays that passed by uncelebrated, a cancer scare, and the death of my cat. The information functions as a daily log, helping to frame the work around time, personal experience, and current events.

*Images printed as dye sublimation prints on aluminum, 13x18” panels, grid dimensions variable.